Customer Analytics


Turn (Big) Data into Big Value

HANA Platform integrates data from virtually any source for easy to analyze view of all your customers


Got Business Questions, Get Answers

Advance and Predictive Analytics make it easy for you to gain insight into customer behaviour, allowing you to make business decisions based on real data in much less time.

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Customer Analytics

Customer Segmentation

Product Segmentation

Upsell/Cross Sell

Advance Analysis & Visualization

Forecasting - Time Series Analysis

Forecasting enables you to adapt to changes, trends and seasonal patterns. You can accurately predict monthly sales volume or anticipate to the number of orders expected in any given month

Association Rules - Cause/Effect - Basket Analysis

Detect relationships or affinity patterns across data and generates a set of rules and select rules most useful to determine What products do customers purchase simultaneously and when ? Which customers are not buying ? What new cross selling opportunities exist ?

Decision Tree - Classify and Predict Behaviour

Classification helps you do things like select the right products to recommend to particular customer and predict potential churn

Clustering - Group More effectively

Identify segments and homogeneous groups so that precise offerings and messaging can be defined. Allows to group web visitors or prospects by specific attributes so you can more easily and accurately track customers and understand behaviors.


Churn Analysis

Cross Selling