Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Our society is fast becoming a world of information workers & tech savy. Having information at our fingertips all the time gives us the opportunity to optimize our own lives. Smart devices are the tools we are interested in to become more productive and more competitive

Estimated number of active cellular devices will reach 7.3 billion by 2014, which exceeds the number of people on the planet. We live in Post PC-era, these days the number of smartphones/tablets sell more than PCs. We can go almost anywhere and be in contact with our business partners and the people that we care about. Many of us have probably used phone or even an app to look up a competitive price. Mobile wallets are fast becoming become one of the methods of payments and retailers are taking advantage of this in store use of phones for loyalty programs and for precision marketing. Need for new applications on mobile device are needed as Internet of things is going to be part of our daily life chores.

For Enterprise Business Mobile Applications can

Enterprise Mobile Applications

  1. Enterprise computing today is people centric and consumer driven.
  2. Business Information need to be reached to Consumers for maximizing productivity in simple , relevant and straightforward to use.
    • Executives
    • Knowledge workers
    • Task Workers
  3. Use SAP R/3 or ECC Business suite on Netweaver.

Challenges include

Popular Computing Paradigms

Development paradigms

SAP Mobile Application

SAP Technologies provide framework to build Enterprise Mobile Applications